Saturday, June 18, 2005

Who is Roy Masters?

Kelly Hollowell's article discussing an email which explained to her "the actual mechanism behind intelligent design [-- t]hat is the mechanism by which God created the universe, our world and all biological life within it" and the evidence of this mechanism through physics -- reminded me of Roy Masters and his book "Finding God in Physics." I wouldn't be surprised if Hollowell's anonymous emailer was a follower of Masters. The reviews on Amazon indicate that Masters's book is not serious science any more than Intelligent Design in biology is serious science.

On another note, Roy Masters is quite an interesting character apart from all this. I've listened to and been amused by his radio show many times. His teachings are a mixture of Judeo-Christian fundamentalism, Eastern-New Age philosophy, Freudian psychology with the fundamentalist element coming out dominant. He sounds, at times, like a Protestant fundamentalist. But they regard him as a heretic and a cult leader. For instance, he denies the Trinity and teaches reliance on a New-Agey meditation exercise which Masters dubs "Judeo-Christian" meditation as essential for salvation.

Although he is fairly articulate, moderately well-read and a good "conversationalist" who enjoys to dialogue, he eschews the principles of logical debate, and instead relies on (what I would term, but he wouldn't) a "sub-Nietzchean assertiveness." "I'm right and you're wrong and know you are wrong, period." He's also full of himself and claims that anyone debating him will lose to his "will to power" (again, a term that he wouldn't use) and feel like they've just been hit by "a ton of bricks." He also can be quite rude and insulting to his followers and callers.

He attempts to attract religious fundamentalists as followers. And I've heard a number of them call him claiming to be "born-again" and "saved" only to have Masters reply "no you are not." He claims that one must have overcome his or her emotional problems in order to be saved and that it has taken him 50 or so years to "save his wife." He would reply to his callers, "you wouldn't be calling me with your problems if you were saved." Masters also claims that he doesn't sin (as I have heard him). Compare that with what he says here.

The absurd "I am without sin" quote attributed to me, and repeated endlessly by the media, to the best of my knowledge originally came from US magazine. As you can imagine, trying to describe the process of being "born again" to the average reporter is truly a dangerous prospect, especially if one's reputation will depend on that reporter's understanding of Christian mystery. I was so outraged by the seemingly intentional betrayal in that story that I sued US magazine. My case was so strong that the famous trial lawyer Melvin Belli took it on contingency. US eventually paid me in an, out-of-court settlement. But the damage that one article did to the Foundation of Human Understanding has been incalculable, because many Christians have believed it, and some have quoted it to others, who, however well-intentioned, spread this untruth to still others. Of course, only Jesus is without sin. To say otherwise is to deny the whole purpose of His coming into a sinful world in need of redemption. Thus, the Bible states that anyone who says he's without sin is a liar.

What Masters doesn't say here is that, while he may have sinned early on in life while he was still finding his way, he believes that he has achieved a point in his life where he doesn't sin anymore, hence his claiming that he doesn't sin, not that he is without sin.

Masters, in his hubris, claims to be a martial arts expert who, in his younger years, and still now in his 70s wouldn't hesitate to give someone a "knuckle-sandwich."

His son David had an extremely messy divorce from his wife that involved allegations of physical abuse from both Roy and David. In particular Roy got into a physical fight with his two granddaughters! It began when he accused them of being demon-possessed. He does claim, in his defense, that he was acting in self-defense. He said something along the lines of (forgive me I don't have a primary source from which to quote -- this is from memory), "when your grandchild is coming at you, you can't just stay there like a wimp and do nothing." So he slapped them down.

Masters has an interest in conservative media. His group owns the Talk Radio Network. Early on, he tried to break big with a "conservative journal," New Dimensions magazine, but when that started to hit it big, the religious right successfully quashed it, claiming that "The Washington Times, Insight (Unification Church), World Monitor (Christian Science), are not the only quality conservative publications owned by the cults." Some fundamentalists in the media don't regard him as dangerous; he is friendly with at least one of them, WorldNetDaily's Joseph Farah, whom he knew from when both lived near one another in Oregon.

So are there any prominent figures who are followers of Masters? Yes. Michael Savage, who is part of Masters's Talk Radio Network. The "Reverend" Jesse Lee Peterson may be a follower of Masters, or if not he is one of his "Christian" allies. WorldNetDaily's Bob Just is a follower.

Most interestingly, Matt Drudge is a follower (Masters brags about this here and claims John Wayne to have been a follower as well.) It was even rumored that Drudge turned to Roy Masters and his meditation exercise in an attempt to become "ex-gay."


Anonymous said...

So what are you saying about Roy Masters? Seeing your profile .... you seem to live and escape into "music"? The question that has plagued mankind .... "What is the meaning of it all? Of course, if you are an aethiest, then you don't give a rat's pink ass about that.

The Original Firebird said...

Hey, I got roped into taking Masters and his wife to Gatwick airport. After lecturing people for a week about how "fat" they are and what they should eat, he bought himself a 10lbs bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk and pigged the lot while waiting for his plane. Hardly surprising he had a heart attack, is it? And as for his favourite line "You look like your mother", I wonder how often he looks in the mirror at that pretty hair style of his? And as for his "safe location" in Oregon, maybe he should have consulted a geologist instead of that god of his, because why the hell does he think the lake is called "Crater Lake"? Hey, but like he says, he is a pretty good hypnotist, isn't he? LMAO

Alan the Red said...

Hey, if you want submissive women, try Birmingham, Alabama, like Masters did. I had one stay with me for a couple of months and it was quite fun. They're taught, from birth, to call their father "Sir". It was fun while it lasted. I can see why a man like Masters would get addicted to that kind of lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

All the way back to -1989- an ex-Masters/FHU follower was on two Seattle television talk shows. Masters attacked the woman with his usual anger by calling the composed, articulate critic, as being "psychotic." An anti-cult worker, on one of the shows also confronted Masters and further pulled the cloak off the Masters masquerade and "meditation" hype.

Anonymous said...

I once confronted Roy Masters and invited the self-ordained guru to do his meditation thing while I simply prayed aloud (as a born-again Christian) and the brave tuff guy refused. This was in front of several followers of his. Hey, I'd rebuke the Masters spiritual deception, in a twinkling of an eye. Oh, David,(you great daddy)where art thou !!?...

Anonymous said...

interesting than no one on this 'blog' seems to challenge any of the arguements that masters makes...just attacks to his person...I'm not a lawyer or a professor, but I believe this is called a logical fallicy...attack the man instead of attacking his arguements...cheerie o!

Anonymous said...

Cult leader Roy Masters was the first to have the essence of his counsciousness replaced wuth evil.This happened to him before he was even six years old.His job is just to trick other people to do this and bring them to this demon that does it to them.When Roy masters was 14 he was converted enough to go and see this demon.His followers should go their.

Anonymous said...

I think his "be still and know" technique is magic. I used to be plagued with rage and resentments as a result of childhood bullying, and Roy has helped heal me.

However, what gets me down is the ignorance of Roy and his son. They pride themselves in being anti-intellectual, but I find them uneducated and stupid. They don't grow intellectually and have a knack for stating the obvious and trying to pass it off as genius.
Regularly, they mispronounce words. They misstate facts. Mangle concepts.

I even find that my IQ drops listening to them. Their program is a form of brain washing...and I find that I lose critical thinking skills in the process. Roy tries to reduce people to instict, placing Reagan, a mindless actor (ok, he was lovable, but took leave of his faculties) as the greatest person alive. Plus, he thinks Ann Coulter is an example of
ideal Christian womanhood. Isn't this the same woman who calls people faggots and advocates murder of leaders? Shes an embarrassment and disgrace, but because she states "truth" with a gleam in her eye, according to Roy, she is perfect.

To consider Roy, look at his product. His daughter, Dianne, is obese and mentally ill. She has failed in life, couldn't get married until her late 30s, and has melt downs. LIsten to her program and she will speak proudly of how she tells people off on extremely petty grounds. Someone asks her a petty questions and she screams at him that hes not being sensible. She's a Roy-bot as is David. They both parrot the father.
Shes also hypermasculine. Roy blames the mother, whom he degrades regularly on his program. I believe his denigration of women has made his own daughter reject her own feminity.

There are some good points to Roy--his be still and know technique (basic meditation), but he is an ignorant, abuse bully.He abuses his callers. David is simply rude and unsocialized.

Roy is a bit of a trickster and conartist. Notice how is following are mostly broken people and the underclass. Educated, successful people, whom he despises (at least the educated) ignore him....

Anonymous said...

People make ad hominen attacks as what substance can you attack. The one concept he offers is to separate the mind's endless loop of thought from the body and to achieve reduced stress and balance through meditation. This argument is hardly new or unique.

In fact, Roy cannot speak beyond this concept. Listen to his show and he will just offer his CD and tell them: "here's what you do. Be still and know."

His technique is valuable for stress reduction. One side affect is lowered IQ/reduced productivity. His ideal man is Forest Gump, an ignorant fool who is guided by intuition through life and accidentally becomes wealthy and successful.

Notice how incompetent he is. His site is often not working properly nor is it updated consistently. It's as if everyone there is so busy being laid back that they forget to perform their jobs, lest they undergostress,

Roy doesnt prepare for the programs,but says the same thing over and over. Plus, the ignorance is astounding. David pronounces Hegelian dialectic --thesis, antithesis, synethesis as thesis and anti-thesis. It's painful hearing them talk.

Notice how his callers are passive, soft voiced, drones. That's the result of his technique. He has mastered hypnosis and gets you to send him money.

Anonymous said...

People who fear the truth, attack it. It seems to me this 'blog' is somehow affiliated with FOCUS ON YOURSELVES

Jonathan Rowe said...

I have absolutey nothing to do with that website or any website on Masters and FHU pro or con.

I have simply listened to his show now and then tuning the dial and found his show interesting, even if I approach most of his assertions/arguments from a critical perspective.

Anonymous said...

What gets me down is the arrogance of Roy and his son. On the one hand they say they are about helping others. On the other,they are impatient with people and hang up on them.If David is a product of Roy's philosophy, that's just sad.He may be "successful," but he is so ignorant. He passess off the obvious (to anyone with a brain) and then acts as if that's genius, or says, as a 50 year old, "It was amazing. The word 'kleenex' popped into my mind. How miraculous." and on he babbles. Did this guy do drugs and why does a middle aged man fixate on such trivia. Recently, he said, "hindsight is 50/50 vision" (guess he meant 20/20.)

How can this guy be successful? I wouldn't want to hire, much less contract out to someone so ignorant and incompetent. Plus his "objectivity" comes across as chip on his shoulder and an excuse to be rude since he doesnt care what others think.

David is an example of what not to become. Roy preaches the virtues of stupidity and anti-intellectualism. He also comes up with intuitive insights which he thinks are genius, most recently trying to pass off creationsim as scientific fact and that to think otherwise is to be Godless. Doesn't he realize he is as pre-programmed as those he condemns and judges.He parrots Hannity talking points.

Plus, he's so rude to callers, hang up on them,says their questions are trivial and wonders why people don't call him. Yikes.

I love the bumper statement they constantly run with that illiterate guy who comess across like a middle aged adolescent. "I asked you about a problem that I had and you said 'watch it." I then said, "what if this happens," and you said, 'watch it.' At the time it seemed trivial, but I leaaaaaarned (he says in true hick style) that that is power."

Trivial is misused in that sentence. Roy caters to the underclass, the uneducated, the passive,the lost, the stupid, the underachievers.

Be prepared for your IQ to drop 50 points listening to his show. Roy and son are laughing all the way to the bank.

They are painful to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Most all of those negative replies here are from one person, Eliot Stein. Stein is the same man who attacked the dying Cathy Seipp and was admonished by countless numbers for his cruelty and stupidity. He was fired by Roy years ago and is so caught up in him he can't see straight. His website is his main show of twisted affection for Roy. This is a very demented individual. Oddly enough I found Masters from Eliots negative website searching for Roy Masters the rugby player Finding the other Roy and his teachings helped me emensly.

Anonymous said...

I wrote two negative comments, and I am not Eliot Stein. I am a female, CEO of my company, and hardly stupid or cruel.

Such paranoid, delusional thinking among Roy's followers.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note how many hate-filled people point fingers and say "see how hateful this man is." Most people will never listen to Roy Masters. At best, they will listen to what other people say about him. Many of the comments written here are true. Yes, his son David has some arrogance. Yes, there is often too much emphasis on ridding oneself of ambition, which when taken to an extreme produces failure and laziness. Yes, Roy has said some things that are either contradictory or can be construed to be that way. Yes, if you are uneducated and a failure, you can use your “non-ambitious” state as an excuse to remain a failure. Yes, he has human flaws.

The simple truth is that Roy Masters teaches a meditation exercise that enables you to become still and separate from the swirl of thoughts that your average person spends their day in. He, contrary to what others have said about him, is a moderate person who preaches moderation. I believe that he is not for everybody to listen to, since most people are extreme in one way or another. I think that he doesn't really care if you listen to him or not.

For me, he has been extremely helpful in revealing how to separate from stress and it is done in the most meaningful way: He gives you the tools to be a better person. To be patient, kind, strong and therefore move from being an effect into being a cause in your own life. As you get older you realize that this is really the most rewarding thing in life and the most helpful.

The beauty of his approach is that you can not join his "church." There are no courses or classes or rituals or any other type of indoctrinations. He doesn't cling or stick to you. You don't feel like you need to "take a shower" after you listen to one of his programs, as I do with most other talk radio personalities.

Jonathan Rowe said...

I don't have a problem with Masters' meditation exercise. I've tried it a couple times and think it probably does help people to calm down as most meditation exercises do.

Though most fundamentalists think all such meditation exercises are New Age-Eastern dangerous practices.

Where I disagree with Masters is with his religious and political dogma. Though, I note that while he tries to appeal to conservative evangelicals, his teachings are incompatible with thiers and they view such as "cultic."

I used to listen to him because I found his assertiveness and arrogance amusing.

Anonymous said...

I don't find the commentary about Roy Masters on this blog antagonistic. It's probably reflective of many people bumping into his show at any given time. After all, going before a mass-audience on public airwaves and saying that girls are born into this world "completely mad" or that something like 90 percent of the world is mentally ill (I have to paraphrase that one, but I know I'm damn close to the actual quote) doesn't just get digested without some controversy. C'mon!

If anything, I'm surprised that more people don't discuss this self-proclaimed iconoclast. Roy knows that he leaves a wake of controversy and wreckage. The whole trajectory of his language is to get inside of your head, if you haven't noticed. You enter his realm on his terms via his use of language. That's why so many callers fall mute trying to absorb what's coming at them in so many instances. He has his own realm of intuitively-derived ideas and that's why no one will ever be able to replace the guy.

Roy will frequently say on his show that the people who hate him will become fixated and frustrated (like a divine curse) and that he simply ignores them and continues to be successful. The evidence supports this in terms of his longevity on the air and ability to expand certain enterprises behind the scenes. Still, you've got to wonder what kind of personality would make such audacious suggestions to an audience that largely has no vested relation to him. He's not-so-subtly hinting that he's something more than your average person. ...that he's something more akin to Biblical proportions, eh?

What I don't quite get is why, if you have something helpful to offer the world, just put your message forward and let the chips fall where they may without verbally frontloading everything and creating this strange abstract adversarial entanglement?

If you keep saying to people, "you're gonna hate me" then they are that much more likely to do just that (you are tempting them, if you will), at the very least folks will find you obnoxious. Basically it's a way to get noticed and it works --then you need Roy to learn how to NOT need him. Ugh!

It's convoluted and it's also too bad because Roy has shown to be brilliant in many ways. I just don't see why conveying wisdom and/or sound principles has to be such a hall-of-mirrors "mystical" ordeal or carried out in such continually self-referential ways.

I'm swear that i'm not elliot stein either.

Anonymous said...

My two cents: (please excuse my punctuation)

Roy is in a tricky spot here. What he is “teaching” is extremely valid.
He is pointing people to something as real as a repeatable law of physics. (I’ve seen it)
The trick is it cannot be taught or learned - only self-realized.
I know this from hard-won self-experience before I ever heard of Mr. Masters
I went through Crushing, near-death personal trials. The fact I’m still alive is best described as miraculous.
I “discovered” the objective method Roy talks about, on my own during this time.
It is very real, indeed.

For years I searched to figure-out what had happened and found scattered fragments of “truth” all over the place.
He is the only one I’ve found, that has the “entire map” put together.

The meditation seems to build the “mental muscle” needed to view ones self objectively. Then, objectively, one may have the chance of “seeing” self-evident “truths”.
That’s why he prescribes the CD first with a “call me back in a few weeks” – so people have a chance of seeing for themselves what is really going on, then, discussing/resolving it.

Sorry for the movie quote; don’t let it lesson my credibility- but it’s perfect:
“Unfortunately, the matrix cannot be explained – it must be experienced to be believed.”
One honestly can’t *hear* the message until one becomes truly self-objective.
I know that may sound like psyco-babble…
Imagine one day you realize the alphabet has 36 letters in it. You begin to see new, fantastic words everywhere. Right next to the old, tired words you’ve read a thousand times. Or you can suddenly see in a new spectrum of color! Old objects look new with brilliant hues and other objects you’ve never seen before appear.
How would that change your perception of the world?

It’s like that.

I would be happy to go into greater detail if anyone would like.

Jonathan Rowe said...


There may well be something to Masters' meditation teaching; ironically, it's the eastern-like philosophy of emotional detachment that off puts western conservative evangelicals and Catholics with whom Masters wants to forge political alliances the most.

My problem with Masters is the way he conflates how his teachings might help people to reduce their stress (what I view as a good thing) with his whole worldview, which is beyond social conservative or fundamentalist, but often reaches into the furthest outskirts of crack-pottery.

My own feeling is that there is something probably genetic that runs in his family (as there seemingly is in many intelligent families) that predisposes towards anxiety and/or depression. And that his teachings help him (and similar folks) to remain upbeat, calm, and still in a psychological sense. Yet, the darkness of neurosis is still probably burried somewhere deep in his mind and often comes out when he talks about how terrible modern society is and how it can all end at any minute.

Forgive me for dithering, but I've noticed many people convert to religious fanaticism for a psychological crutch -- such absolute certainty helps them to cope with life better. And often those in need of such crutches are type A neutrotic types who always think something terrible is going to happen.

So many right wing Christian fundamentalists, though they claim their religion has made them upbeat and happy as can be, seem to have a very doom and gloom perspective about the world ending soon. And I see the very same thing in Roy Masters.

Anonymous said...

Once I realized that to benefit from what masters says, and make no mistake he has some helpful insights)....I had to ignore what he may or may not be, and just focus on the message, not the messenger....

I used the meditation exercise and found it to be the most peaceful part of my day. I realized it was very close to what I already was doing as I was sunbathing, mowing, or going to sleep.

I rarely need the meditation now. I am less lost in the endless dribble of thoughts and make no mistake about it, some of us with a 150 IQ have just as much nonsense in our minds as someone with one much lower.

Pure arrogance suggests that Masters only attracts the more inept that listen to him.

I heard him once claim that we won't "breathe a sane breath" until we meditate and I thought that was ridiculous to say.

I now see the truth in it. Roy wasn't really claiming that HIS meditation is what we all must have to be sane, but that we must exit the constant chatter in our minds to be in command of ourselves.

I now am.

Anonymous said...

I see that the people attacking roy are coming from the lower conditioned mind and do not perceive reality as it truly is. they are subject to words of knowledge which has limited perception, and creates illusion.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at that last comment. You know this how? What a Roybot. He just parrots what Roy says on his show. You sound as programmed as the people he criticizes. I personally happen to have a very high level of awareness and personal development.

You, on the other hand, see nothing, but what has been drummed into you. How do you know we don't see life as it truly is? Do you? What an ignorant comment.

Anonymous said...

I want to suggest that people listen to Roy's Sunday sessions which are available for free download on the FHU site. It's like a fly-on-the-wall vantage point of the interplay between Roy and the people on hand. It is way more psychically penetrating than the radio program, to say the least.

Just today I heard Roy tell a woman there that she's very mechanical and that she had a "face like a prune". I thought about this calmly (just to abide with an open mind), but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what could be served by the latter observation. Nonetheless, the woman didn't protest. He also said that he "could own everybody in the room" if he wanted to --but he didn't want to because he not malevolent.

There seems to be a tacit understanding that Roy can strip away as deeply as he wishes and that people attending these sessions are to subdue anything that might feel provocative to the "ego" (I put quotes in because I'm not sure that Roy's definition of ego is the same as an academic or clinical definition). Roy's charismatic sway is rooted in unusual authority, where he's granted the privilege to know other's minds better than they know their own ... or that's how it seems to play out. People in the Sunday sessions are often saying that at some point Roy devastated them but, over time, it was the best thing to ever happen.

This is all very unusual terrain.

The game, if you will, always travels back to resentment. Many times Roy will tell someone that they resent something and that person may resist at first, yet they grab hold of it because it's coming from Roy the mystic and it's cathartic. I think that's key. Roy is definitely the Alpha Male Mystic here.

Resentment stemming from the primordial stew of our past is certainly connected to neurosis, depression and problems of all sorts, as in the psychoanalytic tradition. But I can't help but think that the murkiness of the mind could be plumbed via suggestion to no end to coalesce endless resentments. That's part of the mystique of the mind, it's connection to dreams and archetypes. But going through this process is part of "waking up", if you buy this particular brand of consciousness, that is. More often than not there's also a mother to blame in the FHU paradigm. Again, Roy said that the infant in the womb may resent his mother! And here is where a groundwork is established to OBJECTIFY and separate from traumas and morbid thoughts, to the extent that these awful things are not "us" --that they are demons, etc.

It's definitely a trip to listen to Roy. I have found many issues to chew over by doing just that. Another has to do with Paternalism and religion and how hyper paternalism can easily slip into fascism. Roy says that the role of men is to be a benevolent dictator in the home. Try pitching that when you ask a woman to get married.

Anonymous said...

A footnote to the above, regarding the murkiness of the human psyche:

"And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
—Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous said...

One thing to keep in mind when considering the value of Roy Master's teachings is that he denies the divinty of Jesus Christ. If you research the heresies of the early church you'll find he is just another variant of Arian Gnosticism.

Something else you'll discover if you listen long enough is that he basically believes that almost every Christian that lived after Christ walked the earth got it wrong and that only he (Roy) has discovered the true message of Christinity.

Anonymous said...

The Opposite to What Roy Masters says is whats he,s up to.

The problems Roys Listeners are experiencing are being caused by Roy Masters AND THE Evil demon that controls Roy Masters.The solution ,cult leader Roy Masters is promoting, is to practise the meditation exercise .Once you do that a piece of the demons counsciousess is put in your,s. It then can look through your eyes and see who is good and who to hurt. Or who would stand in the way of evil and make a difference. It then tells you who to hurt or what to make them do.This is the key,the essence of that person,s counsciousness then decides to go along with it or not.They have to have a choice or else it would just be the demon doing all these things.That would defeat the purpose of having meditators,a buffer between that person and the demon,so that that person is to blame once if there ever found out.The essence of this person,s counsciousness is either willing or not willing to go along with it.Thats why you never talk to Cult Leader Roy Masters ,your inviting evil into your life and community.It then causes you problems, the only way out it wants you to take is the meditation exercise.

Cult Leader Roy Masters leaves his body and kills people this is th secret he doesn,t want anyone to know.He can also leave his and take control of peoples consciousness making them do anything ,especially commit criminal acts.He used to just kill people ,with no apparent cause of death ,the next day their found dead.But that started becoming suspicious so he now kills them with a heart attack or even takes control of you when your driving making you have a deadly car accident.He can even set up some serious mishap to kill you.

Cult Leader Roy Masters was the first to have the essence of his consciousness replaced with evil .This happened to him before he was even six years old . By the time he was fourteen he was converted enough to evil to go and see this demon that did this to him.This is when he started leaving his body and killing people.

Cult Leader Roy Masters gets all his power from this demon , without this demon Roy Masters would be powerless.

Roy Masters can leave his body and see who is connected to who , or who knows who , so if he wants to destroy someone , he,ll manipulate things to meet
that person ,then put something evil in that persons counsciousness to make then do anything he desires to destroy them.

There,s only a few other meditators that know about this demon.
The mediatators are a buffer to protect this demon should anyone find out the source of their evil.The mediators have no idea about this demon that has replaced their consciousness.They don,t know why their in Grants Pass.
It operates through them it.It likes to remain hidden in the background thats how it operates.

The meditation he teaches is a trick to get people to give up their essence of their consciousness.They,ve lost everthing then .The evil then looks through their consciousness .Thats why their so sad after this evil is born again in them.Their now just an extension of the demon .They also leave their bodies and make everyone else look bad like their doing something wrong in their life and the meditators are the pillar of society.

The fear you feel listening to Roy Masters or trying his meditation is your consciousness warning you that its in danger.

This demon has the entire life of the mediator mapped out for them what they,ll do and when they,ll die

Anyone whose a threat to the foundation of human understanding is a target.The demon through Roy Masters will make them do something bad to destroy their
lives ,so nobody will listen to them. This often happening to them without them even knowing why,that there a theat to the demon.

Roy Masters is always bragging ,on his show, how he likes to give people two years for them to straighten up.
What he,s really saying is he waits to years before leaving his body and killing them. This way theres no computer record of him ever talking to that person.He knows he,s being watched.

Roy Masters is always getting people to talk to him don,t.Once you talk to him your really talking to the demon that controls him.Then it can start messing with your consciousness.Making you have compulsive problems,medical problems (at the most inappropriate time ),make bad business decisions and mistake to ruin your life.This is how it works ,its your fault for talking to them.In the evil,s eyes.

Roy Masters has followers in the FBI they also leave their bodies and know of any impending investigation into The Foundation Of Human Understanding and Cult Leaqder Roy Masters.They take control of the investigation and make sure it leads nowhere.They can put thoughts in the FBI agents heads and control them.They can make FBI agents make obvious mistakes to get them fired .

Roy Masters likes to go after FBI agents children making them think and become homosexuals and develop other problems.

Right at key moments Roy Masters can make you make a mistake.He does this by leaving his body.He can make you do or say something to destroy your life .He can even put the thought in your mind so you think it originated in you.This is so you don,t go looking for the cause.

Roy Masters leaves his body and travels at a conscious level attacking people,s consciousness and killing them.

No one that goes to Roy Masters seminars are possessed by demons.This is just a big act Roy and the demon that controls him put on.They take control of a persons nervous system and consciousness making them growl like their possessed and crawl around on the floor like their affraid of his cross.

If Roy Masters cannot get you he,ll go after your children or relatives in another city or state.He can leave his body and see who your related to.He ca kill them or set up an accident or have them be a victim of a crime.

Roy masters can see who your connected to so he,ll go out of his way to be nice to you so either you,ll say nice things to someone you know or to destroy someone your connected to.He leaves his body and can see everything.

It,s Roy Masters and the demon that controls him doing these things to the people of Grants Pass and Eugene Oregon and southern Oregon.The demon operates through the meditators,so when you go looking to find who did this you only find a person.,If their caught,their a buffer to protect the evil.This is how
evil operates to protect itself so it won,t be found out.

At key moments Cult Leader Roy Masters can inject sentences or phrases into your conversations to make you look bad.

Roy Masters wants to ruin all the original towns people of Grants Pass so that they cannot fight back against him.
He wants to replace them with creepy cult members.He screws with their consciousness,making a mess of their lives so that every day is a struggle.So that they can bearly go on.

Roy Masters claims it a noble cause to go and fight in Iraq.But he,s leaving his body and making sure the best of American soldiers are killed over there.

The opposite to what Roy Masters says on his radio program is what he,s up to he wants to destroy america.The evil that controls him and came over from Britian with him only came to destroy america.

This evil is always with him .It travels through the darkness.
That,s how it gets around. And hurts people.Causing them heart attacks ,pain and suffering.Any problem you could imagine making peoples life a personal hell

Roy Masters has destoyed many lives even Hollywood stars.He Will leave his body and take control of their consciousness making them spew out racist comments about Jews or Blacks.Or even get caught up in drugs and alcohol leading to their arrest and subsequent end of their carreers.Thats why you should never talk
to Roy Masters.

Roy Masters gives excuses on his radio program for events you know then that he was behind that which has happened.For example he claimed once that police officers commit suicide with their guns because the evil that they fight got in them and cause them to do it.Mean while he,s taken control of the police officer and made him commit suicide with his gun and took control of them putting something in them to make thm commit criminal acts.Making appear like criminals the real person inside not being able to explain why this happened to him or fight it.

Cult leader Roy Masters hides behind a mask of christianity , he,s not really a christian.In the end his meditation exercise has nothing to do with
christianity , it just puts a piece of th demons counsciousness inside yours.

Roy Masters is always calling his followers stupid , its like a bad person calling you stupid because you won,t do something they want you to do.This
something they want you to do will probably harm you. Of course if you don,t what Roy Masters wants your no longer stupid.This being his meditation exercise.
Once you practise this and your sucessful in going to this other place in your head ,and have a piece of the demons counsciousness put in yours,thats
the end of you, now it really too late.Yes before its too late , that being he,s found out to be a complete liar.Once people have this piece of the demons
counsciousnees in their counsciousness they cannot complain or do the demon ,that they are not aware of, any harm.

Roy Masters likes leave his body and attack the inner person ,your soul,the next day you wake up feeling sore all over,your first though is to blame
someone else for this,routine everyday activities become a chore,you don,t want to work or go to school,you nearly give up.Thats what he wants.
This often leads to suicide.

Roy Masters gets all of his power from this demon,without this demon Roy Masters is a powerless nothing.

Roy Masters and his followers can take control of you and make you or your loved ones have a deadly car accident.

You only need to know its Roy Masters and his followers causing this problem ,then it goes back on them.

At a level your counsciousness is on ,the rules are different,if FHU cult members do something to you and you find out its them doing it,what they did
goes back on them. Thats the rule Cult Leader Roy Masters keeps from his followers,or else they wouldn,t harm anyone.
Thats why the demon operates through Roy Masters and his followers,once their found out, their cut off from the demon ,usually eventually killed or
commit suicide.

Once you talk to Roy Masters ,your caught in his trap,at the counscious level thats another rule,he,ll even manipulate things to talk to you.

Thats the perfect front and christian mask, its almost impossible to go against,this front of helping americans ,as he says on his Advice line,its the
oposite of what he,s up to.Taking on america,s problems , as a trick to get people to practise his meditation.So he can hide behind this mask and not
be suspect.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think is very conspicuous and strange. If you google Roy Masters you get FHU, some lockstep anti-cult religious sites, wikipedia (probably the best resource),'s low rent parody, and this site which is simply a blog. That's not a very substantial offering for the vastness of the internet.

So, the thing about Roy's legacy is that there's really no such thing as an official objective history. It's always been a loopy history (probably because its laced with religious overtones) which, if you had to compare it to an organic element, would be more vapor than solid --in other words, full of conjecture and nearly impossible to grasp. Some may think, well that's because 'THE WORLD' isn't ready for Roy. Well, whatever.

All I'm saying is that I find it odd that for a guy with such longevity as a host of self-styled controversial radio, plus his ownership of a substantial Conservative Radio Network (and his son's activities in that network), he remains way under the radar when considering the influence and profile of that legacy.

Anonymous said...

Masters published his "Open Letter to Churches" in February of 1992. In it he stated that most people only believe that the Foundation of Human Understanding is a cult because they have heard or read this from other people. What about people like me who tried his meditation and found that it was not what he tries to promote it as? He claims he is "de-hypnotizing" people, I claim he is "re-hypnotizing " people. I left the practice because I found it to be harmful to my mind and spirit, and it is neither "Judeo" nor "Christian" in any way.

Anonymous said...

Roy has a great spirit and has helped countless people. I'm sure Roy and FHU have helped more people in a month then any of you haters will help in a lifetime.

I can't help but laugh at all of your hate filled comments. You haters are just bug stains on a windshield. It's hilarious to hear how much Roy gets underneath your skin.

You little cowards talk big on a blog while Roy speaks his mind on national radio almost every day. You little squirts lol

Anonymous said...

From one little squirt hater / coward to another, thank you Mr. Anonymous for your brave and anonymous passionate rebuke.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you guys do, stay away from Linda.

Anonymous said...

Give Roy the credit he deserves, he's discovered the cause of autism! Parents and schools!

Anonymous said...

When I heard him, he said the cause of autism was Mother (you know, the "unloved Eve.") Nice to know the toxic vaccines have nothing to do with it.

He brooks NO disagreements either.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I believe Roy Masters is sincere. The meditation helps people to know the power of God's Holy Spirit. If you add to that, a sincere belief in Jesus as God's son then you'll be okay. God is power, and anyone who really knows God will be powerful ... Read your Bible!

Unknown said...

One last thing to say about cult leader roy masters,if your ever in the position to talk to a cult member,for example your a police officer interviewing one,or being told positive things by someone ,who probably is secretly a FHU cult member,you should start by telling them that their just being used by Roy Masters and others like him,so that you end up taking the blame for what they get you to do ,but won,t do
themselves.Thats how it works .
This way they get away scott free.
Thats what meditators are for.

Unknown said...

There,s about a 160 others like Roy Masters that leave their bodes and kill people.Roy Masters is the only one that set up a church to recruite more people
to do this.These people are just being used.Of course you don,t understand Roy Masters when you listen to him.But once you practise the cult mediation exercise,something is put in your counsciouness that does understand.In Roy,s words "the new you is born in you ,the old you pushed aside" .Roy followers are to take the blame in the end.Cult Leader Roy Masters and others like him won,t do these things ,thats what his followers are for.

Unknown said...

Roy Masters, through his followers, likes to pit one group of police
officers against another.I my case I am accusing him of ,"leaving his
body and killing people",so one group is watching everthing I write
about Cult Leader Roy Masters,the FHU cult,and the 160 or so others
like him.
Next thing you know ,some group thats supposed to lure criminals out of their lair,to snag them in a trap,finds out the one their after is the
one accusing Roy Masters of "leaving his body and killing people,even cops".Their then bewildered as to how this happened.Meanwhile its fhu cult members in the background pulling all the strings.

Unknown said...

Roy Masters, through his followers, likes to pit one group of police
officers against another.I my case I am accusing him of ,"leaving his
body and killing people",so one group is watching everthing I write
about Cult Leader Roy Masters,the FHU cult,and the 160 or so others
like him.
Next thing you know ,some group thats supposed to lure criminals out of their lair,to snag them in a trap,finds out the one their after is the
one accusing Roy Masters of "leaving his body and killing people,even cops".Their then bewildered as to how this happened.Meanwhile its fhu cult members in the background pulling all the strings.

Unknown said...

The real reason Roy Masters doesn,t come after me for my accusations against him,is He,Roy Masters ,cannot admit I am the one that exposed
him.Thats why he has someone else saying the same things I,ve already
said.That he leaves his body and kills people.He can make you forget
you have even read this or anything else I,ve posted and forget to tell
anyone else.The biggest reason is he would have to stop attacking other
people in my name.He cannot ADMIT I am the one that exposed him.

glamux said...

I thought I knew what an ad hominem attack was all about until I started reading this post and its comments. This is just sad.