Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Missionary Mushrooms:

Here is a story about one of those “ex-gays.” He is even used as an anecdote by prominent ex-gay activists. The interesting thing here is that this fellow‘s “born-again” experience, which in turn lead to his “change” away from homosexuality, was facilitated or even wholly caused by a trip on magic mushrooms:

Then it happened. I had a spiritual revelation of the reality that God does exist. It happened while I was using a hallucinogenic drug known as 'mushrooms' or 'shrooms'. While on this drug, I had a vision where Christ appeared before me wearing a shining blue robe. He spoke to me, showed me the reality of His being and told me that I must forgive my father for the wrong he had done against me and against my family. This experience led me to reignite my faith in Jesus Christ. The seed had been planted at 16 and again at 24 I was experiencing spiritual renewal. I began seeking God body, mind and spirit. I stopped using all drugs (including alcohol) and bought a bible. I began attending church regularly and started a practice of daily prayer. During one of these prayer times I asked God if He intended for me to be gay. You see, just because I had reinstated a dialogue with God I did not automatically assume He wanted me to be straight or that being gay was morally wrong. Instead, I asked and said, "The ball is in your court God--- if you don't tell me otherwise, I will assume this is okay with You." God did not remain silent. In fact, the three days following my having said that prayer I heard direction and received wisdom from God. In His answer God revealed to me that I was in fact comparing myself to other men as though I myself was not a man, in my own right. He showed me my own masculinity, hidden underneath shame. I received this truth and soon realized that I could not be attracted to other men now that I knew myself as a man. I looked at my lover naked and felt no attraction. I looked at other men naked and could not elicit the physical response of sexual excitement.

And where would this fellow be without “magic mushrooms”? Will conservatives now start to encourage dropping acid as a catalyst for “finding Jesus”? Will they demand the legalization of all hallucinogenic drugs? Will they at the very least give mushrooms the credit that they deserve for their decisive role in leading this man to Christ?