Saturday, November 27, 2004

Is that really his name?

Since I don’t watch them, I have a pretty abysmal knowledge of sports. Yet, over Thanksgiving break, since I was with my family, I had the pleasure of watching the football game.

I was taken aback that some coach, a very masculine African-American guy, actually has as his first name, “Lovie.” Bwhaa-haa-haa! Everyone knows that “Lovie” is the name of a rich-aristocratic-Rockefeller-Republican old white woman.

God I hope he doesn’t read this, or else I’ll might have the shame of being beaten up by a guy named “Lovie.” Hmmm. I remember back a while there was this football player named, “Jim Everett,” and he was taunted by some reporter who would refer to him as “Chris Everett.” And he was even called “Chris” to his face during a sit down interview with the reporter, leading to this very funny, memorable event.

The next time this coach named “Lovie” is interviewed, someone ought to just “accidentally” refer to him as “Lovie Howell.” I know if I were interviewing him, I’d be highly tempted to do so.

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