Monday, July 26, 2004

Harvey Mansfield v. Evolutionary naturalism:

Will Wilkinson posts on a book review by Harvey Mansfield, in the Weekly Standard, on contemporary (evolutionary) naturalism. Wilkinson’s post is extremely hostile towards Mansfield. He takes serious offense at this quote of Mansfield’s:

What evolutionists think is the closest we usually get to the notion of nature these days. But it is not close enough. For evolution sees everything as organized for survival and cannot recognize our better, higher nature. Thus it sees no difference in rank between the male desire for an active sex life and the male interest in being married, or between the promptings of desire and the instruction of reason. What kind of seriousness is this?

Then in the comments section, a spirited and interesting debate ensues with Wilkinson, blogger Julian Sanchez, and Jaffaite Robert Light. I might even through my 2 cents in. Oops, I just did.

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