Monday, August 15, 2005

Silly pic:

Why did I pay 5 dollars at the mall for this?


Karen said...

Because it is the IN and Too-Kool thing!!

Might have been 60 minutes had a whole piece about Photo-Booth parties for the rich and famous.

There... Now don't ya feel all better???

And BTW ya'all look CUTE as Buttons!!



Jonathan said...


Jim said...

A shaved head and a soul patch? Man, you are hip.

Jonathan said...

LOL. I try. No earrings or tattoos though. So that is as hip as I get.

Marty said...

Yeah, but not just ANY guy gets his picture taken with K. D. Lang!


Karen said...

Ooops, I take it back, it was CBS Sunday Morning that ran the spot about the Photo Booth parties:

at this link.

And all the trendie folks just loved it.

But on photo booths -- I also Like the bit in the movie "Amelie" about the photo booth too.


Jonathan said...

KD Lang? I think he's prettier than that!

Marty said...

So do i!


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