Monday, November 21, 2005

Man this guy can shred:

I first became aware of guitarist Michael Angelo when I saw his video around 1990 for the band Nitro. They were a virtuositic metal band who made some pretty bad (and by that I mean "not good") music.

I like some of his current stuff I've seen on his website. Check out his video for Hands Without Shadows.

The singer in Nitro -- Jim Gillette -- is also a virtuoso, known for his "mind-blowing 6-octave voice and ability to shatter glass at will." In the meantime, Gillette has beefed up to 260, taken up Gracie jujitsu (although I don't think he fights in mixed-martial arts like the UFC or Pride) and married Lita Ford with whom he has two children.

The things that you can find out about by doing a google search!

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