Thursday, December 29, 2005

Mel Gibson Quotes:

Ed Brayton and a few other sources have brought up Mel Gibson's Playboy interview which includes among other things a dumb quote on evolution and some conspiratorial rants. The quotes were cited by someone who didn't have the issue in his hands (and the interview is not online); thus, it was cautioned to make sure the quotes were accurate before further disseminating them.

Well I do have the issue in my hands (long story short, my older brother's Playboy collection is archived at my house) and those quotes are 100% accurate.

I'll do a longer post on this. In skimming the article, those quotes just scratch the surface. It's ironic that the religious right lauds Gibson and thinks of him as a "good Christian family man." Well in reading the interview, his mouth is more like Howard Stern's than Billy Graham's. Now, Mel's potty mouth doesn't bother me. But I like Howard Stern type humor. The excerpt from the Lippard blog reproduces Gibson using phrases like, "you might have a bigger dick" and "She was a cunt." But there's much more....

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