Saturday, January 14, 2006

Brayton's and Rowe's Sysiphusian Task:

Brayton has more here. David Barton's phony quotes get refuted again and again, but just keep on coming back.

I've had some valid criticism that refuting David Barton and his "Christian Nation" argument is to knock down a straw man. After all, one can make powerful arguments against the modern notion of Separation of Church and State, and Supreme Court Establishment Clause cases without endorsing Barton's "Christian Nation" twaddle.

But then I remind myself that a lot of people, perhaps millions, believe in Barton's nonsense. And that, I think, validates what Brayton and I do.

Update: Oy Vey! This guy is getting ripped apart in the comments section. (I wrote the comment on Adams and the Trinity.) I bet he's sorry he wrote this article.

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