Monday, February 20, 2006

This Blog Mentioned in The Bay Area Reporter:

Many thanks to University of Minnesota Law Professor and now contributor to the Volokh Conspiracy, Dale Carpenter for mentioning this blog in his Out Right column.

He writes:

Here are a few of the Web sites and blogs by gay writers who dissent in important ways from the tactics and goals of the gay left and its organizations. Not all of these writers can easily be categorized as either conservative or libertarian. All are committed to equality for gay Americans.

And I'm number 8 in his top 8:

(8) Jon Rowe ( Rowe is a libertarian college professor with a law degree. His blog covers everything from constitutional theory to sex to religion, all the things one shouldn't talk about in polite company. It is intelligent, refined, and measured – qualities badly lacking in much of the blogosphere.

Update: Carpenter's article has been reproduced at Independent Gay Forum, a great website.


Karen McL said...

"intelligent, refined, and measured"

I Heartily Agree - and no need to dumb-down your writing for *certain* folks.


Good going Jon!

republic of m said...

I actually just discovered your site via the same column, and have enjoyed reading your posts. I also was mentioned, so its nice to be in an article with such notable company.

Jonathan said...


I'll be sure to permalink your blog.

Anonymous said...