Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Music:

Kansas at their best. Icarus Borne on Wings of Steel.

It's too bad Steve Walsh doesn't sound like that anymore. Geddy Lee and Jon Anderson have done a much better job preserving their high, piercing prog-rock voices. Out of those three, Walsh, in his prime was my favorite.

Update: If you want to see how Walsh's voice has changed, the following is "Icarus II," recorded a few years ago. As you can see, he can still sing and phrase, but he has lost some tone and range. The lyrics to the first Icarus are about aviation and flying. The sequel's lyrics are about World War II fighter pilots, very apt for Memorial Day.

Update II: I found a link which accesses the entire song Byzantium, which like, Icarus II, was recorded on their year 2000 album Somewhere to Elsewhere, and I think is the best song from that release. As you can hear, Walsh's voice, though not what it used to be, still haunts in a way that few can.

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