Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Day Fun:

Happy 2008. I love John Stossel. I mean him no disrespect by reproducing this. But this clip amuses me beyond belief. This is back when everyone knew Wrestling was fake but the industry refused to admit it.

David Shultz was sort of a Steve Austin type who didn't know how to turn it off. The following is from the Morton Downey JR show which took place shortly after the Stossel incident. There is one guy -- a former wrestler -- who tries to expose the truth about wrestling and everyone else gangs up on him the climax of which Shultz throws his glass of water in the poor guy's face.

And here, this took place shortly before the Stossel incident (because Shultz was fired from the WWF after he slapped Stossel). Wrestling was always great at exploiting stereotypes and here they exploit the "dumb southern hillbilly" stereotype.

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NG said...

Most ironic was that some twenty years later, that wrestler in the suit turned out to be right and alot of the people who appeared on the Morton Downey Show to defend their profession wound up being blackballed.