Friday, March 21, 2008

Weirdest Anti-Obama Rant Ever:

Not that I support Obama; after last week's events, I'm beginning to think Hillary preferable. Though I'll hold my nose as usual and vote Libertarian so you can't blame me for whom America puts in the White house. If Hillary wins, though, I hope that the Republicans take back Congress so we have divided government as we did in the 90s. Get out of Iraq. Rethink foreign policy along fighting terrorism/national security lines, not "nation building" or spreading democracy. And have a divided government where none of Hillary's big government policies get passed. Put Bill in charge of overseeing a pro-business economic atmosphere as he did in the 90s. Maybe we'll see surpluses again one day. Am I dreaming?

But, anyway back to the video. This rant is as amusing as it is weird. Strange things often amuse me though, in case you haven't noticed.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I tend to agree with you on divided government. Whenever one party holds both the presidency and congress (Carter, Bush 2), things always seem to get a little funky/unchecked.

bpabbott said...

That is the funniest political videos I've ever watched! ... I found the entire circus revolving around Pastor Wright to be amusing as well.

That is I found Wright amusing up to the point that it became clear that so many took him serious, and that so many think he speaks for Obama.

If anyone thinks a presidential candidate represents a preacher/pastor/pope/etc don't vote for that candidate ... it doesn't matter what the position/opinion of the particular spiritual leader may be. If he wants to be president, let him run ... the thought that we'd have a spiritual puppet in that office is revolting to me!

I'll vote for the man whose judgement I trust, not for a man who dangles from the puppet strings, controlled by a man who pretends to speak for god.