Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great Singing From Steve Walsh:

Some Saturday music for you. Most of Walsh's (of Kansas) best material was written by Kerry Livgren (guitar/keyboard/main writer for Kansas). Walsh wrote some good and some not so good tunes for Kansas and non-Kansas.

Every Step of the Way was from Walsh's first solo album. It's a good, straight ahead-blues rock song, though a prog-rock length of 9 minutes long. It starts off with Walsh's low range and slowly builds from there. Even if Kansas/Walsh isn't everyone's cup of tea, hopefully you'll understand from listening to the tune, why I think Walsh in his prime had the perfect white rock voice (something Steve Hackett once noted of Walsh).

In the meantime, like a lot of aging rock vocalists, Walsh lost some tone and range. But at his 1/2 best still sings better than most rock vocalists especially those his age. The following is a good solo song from the "mature" Walsh:

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