Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Hate Celebrity Worship:

I hate teenybopperism. I especially hate superficial talent or appreciation of talent based on attractive appearance. This rant was brought to mind from this article on celebrity worship that I saw from Andrew Sullivan's blog. I like to promote more obscure but talented figures, eccentric folks who certainly don't LOOK the part of the celebrities we worship. Not that they necessarily deserve to be worshipped either. For instance Woody Allen comes to mind as a figure I'd like to throw in the teeny boppers' faces, make them look and listen HIM for a few hours. But we know he's a moral creep.

Here are some candidates of figures with real talent who should be admired, because their talent is not superficial as is evidenced by their appearance. Note some of these folks have made it as "big" time celebrities; but they did it the old fashion way, they earned it.

1. Woody Allen (see his classic interview with Billy Graham):

2. Alan Moore

3. Levon Helm

4. Martin Scorsese

5. Neil Young

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