Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Babka Defends Me:

I want to thank my friend Jim Babka, former Press Secretary to the late great Harry Browne and currently of Downsize DC for defending me against Kristo Miettinen's criticisms and what I do in debunking David Barton's Christian Nation idea. Miettinen is very smart and we both agree on a number of important things (that many key Founders were not orthodox Trinitarian Christians and America was founded to be "minimally" or as I would put it "nominally" Christian, not on orthodox Trinitarian Christian principles). I just don't think he "gets" David Barton. Babka clearly does. We haven't just read Barton's books; we've also seen endless of his recorded live appearances and presentations. As Babka writes:

Jon Rowe is correct to attempt to define orthodoxy, because as David Barton uses it, he (Barton) is engaging in sleight of mouth. And I suspect he knows he’s doing it.

One of Barton’s core arguments is that 52 of the 55 signers of the Declaration of Independence were orthodox in their Christian faith. When Barton is speaking to a television audience, he might even go a bit further and say, “evangelical,” instead of “orthodox.” Barton may, as Miettinen has spelled out, have a method to justify his position, but Barton’s audience is clearly getting a very different message.

And why does he make this argument of high level of orthodoxy, and even occasionally substitute the word, “evangelical?”

Well, the answer is simple. It’s what his audience wants to hear. And here’s the part Mr. Miettinen misses when he says that Rowe is, and Barton is NOT clinging to the unhistorical definition of Christianity: Barton is not a historian.

Rather, Barton is a politician. He’s been a high-ranking member of the Texas GOP and a paid consultant to the Republican National Committee, including a stint as a GOTV spokesman for the 2004 Bush campaign. He continues to lead groups of pastors into the fold with special DC tours. Barton is an advocate, not a scholar.

I suspect Mr. Rowe’s clarification of the Founder’s orthodoxy, or lack thereof — AS MODERN LAY-FOLK UNDERSTAND IT — is quite a threat to Mr. Barton’s story, or at least with his audience. Maybe Rowe’s use of the term orthodox Christian doesn’t follow some hifalutin rule of history departments, but it sure breaks down the opposition. What if Barton’s audiences knew that several of the signers were unitarians? You see, creeds aside, there are few more important notions to Christian Right Evangelicals than the deity of Christ. Jesus was God. Unitarians, Socinians (Jefferson’s likely position), and Arians (e.g., Jehovah’s Witnesses) are all heretics from an Evangelical perspective — even if they call themselves Christian.

It is doubtful that modern Christian Right Evangelicals would support Jefferson or Adams for elected office today, were their true opinions on the public record. Even David Barton knows that, which is why he uses tortured logic to re-present them in a more “helpful” image. Jon Rowe knows of their heresy as well, and he’s exposing it, effectively driving a wedge into the Barton myth. Good for Jon.


I am an Evangelical. I think we need about 100 Jon Rowe’s, though it would be even better if they too were Evangelicals — people from in the camp to right it. Fortunately, much of what Jon is doing is popularizing the work of Gregg Frazer, who is an Evangelical. We need more Rowe’s because Barton, in a phrase Evangelicals will have special appreciation for, “tickles the ears of his audience” — that is, he tells them what they want to hear; not what’s true. If he did tell the truth, it would be too nuanced to be of remunerative value to him, or political value to his partisan patrons.

If this was a Christian (founded) Nation, then for Mr. Barton, it means vote Republican. For his listeners, most of whom will agree to give their vote to the GOP after hearing his presentation, it means something more…

This was our country. It was stolen. We need to take it back.

This is a powerful motivator to the culture wars.

There's more. Read the whole thing.


Valerie said...

Thanks for the link. I enjoyed reading your post, and the defense.

Anonymous said...

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Dec3,2008 Additions

Followers of Cult Leader Roy Masters are made to fail by the demon that controls Roy Masters,thios is a trick to get them to practise the meditation.
Roy Masters :see this is what happens when you don,t practise the meditation.
Roy Masters is just hypnotizing everyonr that listens to him.
Roy Masters is putting in them the problems he,s talking about,resentment. He builds his entire psychology around this.He,s disrupting their inner life.Introduceing conflict in them , the resolve of this conflict being his mediatation,then your counsciousness has evil put in it.Your already better off without listening to Roy Masters.
Roy Masters is looking for people so desperate that they will try anything,if their not to desperate he,ll put that in them to seek out the meditation.
Roy Masters just bables on about common problems people have as if he knows something

The more evil meditators leaving their bodies and beating down on the less evil mediators.
Roy Masters will put evil eg.a problem,compulsive behaviour,drug aalcohol problems,sexual problems ect in people ,he then leaves it to his followers to come
and activate this evil,this way at a higher conscious level he,s not to blame when their found out.Thats the rules at you consciousness level.
IMPORTANT: to beat roy masters at these problems (one way is just to say the same thing happens back to foundation people).Say this in your head ever time the problem occurs ,they,ll keep leaving their bodies for a while after that to make it seem like it,s not working.
When callers to thew advice line say they have fallen,whats really happened they have rejected the evil that entered their counsciosness.Cult leader Roy Masters just gives it this religious label that they fell.
Once people have that evil put in their counsciousness they cannot tell anyone about it ,it controls them.
Roy masters is always saying you have to practise his meditation exercise to understand what he,s talking about ,this is justa trick to get you to prcatise
the medatation and have evil put in your counsciousness.Then that person goes around doing the same thing.Causing the next person conflict and problems and the only way out is again the medatation.
Cult talk ( Roy Masters says your scum until ou practise the medatation ,to be like him not scum you must practise the meditation.)
Other facets of a cult (if you don,t join our group of meditators you,ll goto hell.)

Roy Masters just wants to replace the evil in people that is causing them problems with his own evil.This is his certain type of person.These former alcoholics for examople and ect. now have evil in them that leaves their bodies and kills people or takes control of them making others do bad things
,the person with that evil in them will never do anything bad.Thats how evil works.the evil that controls Roy Masters is just trying to get its own army to help destroy America.Right vs. Left. Even a small group of medatators can control a lot of people and do a lot of damage.

No one that goes to Cult Leader Roy Masters seminars are possesed by demons.Its just the evil that is looking through roy masters counsciousness and it
can see whose counsciousness is good .It makes them roll around on the ground and growl and act like their possesed the more good they are the more silly the possesion.For example running around acting like their possesed by a chicken.Thats their punishment for being good and going to one of his seminars.
It,s the evil operating through roy masters making them do this .Its their punishment for being good and going there.

More cult talk :Roy Masters tells his followers that their special because they go to his seminars and listen to his show.This draws his followers in.Just because they listen to his show,to be more special they must practise thr mediatation.

More cult talk Roy Masters tells his followers all their problems are from their parents,this is just to drive a wedge between that person and their parents.
So that there his.

Roy Masters folowers don,t react because their dead inside.

Roy Masters was just the first to have evil put in his counsciousness,an organization came and did this to him.His destiny is to get more people to do this
,have evil put in their counsciousness.These followers are a buffer between them and the evil.So they get blamed and the evil gets off scot free.
This evil has always been in America,but for some reason it has to use someone from a foreign country.It needs a buffer to do thewse things to americans or else it would be to blame.It cannot keep using itself up.Its too risky to do these things ,it gets roy masters followers to leave their bodies and take
control of people and make them take control of people and make them do bad things.

Why are people thaT HAVE PROBLEMS RIPE FOR THE PICKING OF Roy Masters.Its because there already susceptible to evil.The evil that is causing those problems
is replaced with evil that controls Roy Masters.
To be sucessful with Roy Masters meditation you must do what the evil wants ( as roy puts it no ticky no washy) or else you,ll problems will come back or and you,ll fail financially,personally.
There,s no journey with the meditation exercise ,its just killing the original person.The meditation keeps you seeing things ,its a distraction as it replaces your counsciousness with evil.

If someone complains about cult leader Roy masters to the Grants Pass Police they will most likely get directed to a foundation of human understanding cult memeber.The FHU cult members and cult lead Roy Masters have a way of leaving their bodies and manipulating things to get their members in a position of power.
This is a tricky way of protecting cult leader roy masters. These cult members will then manipulate things so they look like their doing a great job ,not a blemish on their record,even some F.B.I. agents are FHU cult members and things have being manipulate so that their put in Oregon so that any investigation
into Roy Masters,the investigation comes across their desk.The FHU cult members can see whose doing the hiring (by Leaving their bodies,you cannot see your counsciousness can you,Thats what leaves the meditators body and Roy Masters body,it then influences whoever.)They used to do this in LA but somehow lost it.
That fprmer police chief might very well have been a FHU cult member.
Mediatators are people that practise the cult meditation and have something in their counsciousness replaced with evil.

I keep forgetting to say why I am writing this about cult leader Roy Masters,it should be obvious.It,s to save peoples lives and warn them about him.
If thy practise the cult meditation they,ll have a piece of their counsciousness replaced with evil ,then thats the end of the original counsciousness
they were born with and they have lost their life.Or If you just talk to cult leader Roy Masters he may someday leave his body and kill you.Or your relatives
getting in a accident and being killed .Or just mysteriously dying or heart attack ect.Your family could start developing problems.I can see with my counsciousness,I can see the meditators counsciousness and how its been replaced with evil.I can see through all the smoke and mirrors and see what he,s really up to.These are the types of people Roy Masters,the evil that controls him and operates through his followers that they kill.Roy Masters likes to take pot shots at me using his followers.He knows anything he does to me ,the same thing mysteriously happens back to him.He,s got lots of followers to use up and he usually has to cut them off afterwards or else it still will go back on him.
When everthing is in place RoY Masters and his followers have set up everthing so that its in place,they,ve made sure people are watching me then they
take control of me and make me do something wrong ,example look at something inappropriate on the internet.This is to make me look bad and cult leader
Roy Masters good.
I am not writing this for the police to do anything to Roy Masters ,just so they know in their counsciousness whose doing this to them.