Friday, May 08, 2009

Perfect Death Penalty Case:

One thing I don't like about the death penalty is it is administered by government, which often, because of government's inherent incompetence, makes mistakes. And this is a mistake that can't be undone. However, where there is a "no doubt" case -- and there are many of these -- and a brutal, sadistic murder like this one, I just don't see how ANYONE could have a problem with executing such monsters that take human form. We should be happy when such monsters are vanquished from human existence and HOPE for a chance of justice on the other side, because these folks actually deserve to die in a way that would violate the 8th Amendment, in a way our constitutional system does not permit. (And should not permit; I wouldn't trust any government with the power to give these kinds of folks the death that they morally and justly deserve; if God exists, that's His or Her or Its domain; and if God doesn't exist then these folk, whether they are executed or serve the rest of their lives in prison, rip off the cosmic justice system by not suffering what they actually deserve.)

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