Monday, August 10, 2009

Walsh, Hackett and Havens:

After my Positive Liberty co-blogger DA Ridgely's posting a Richie Havens tune, I thought I'd suggest Steve Hackett's album "Please Don't Touch," as a Positive Liberty kinda album to buy. Hackett is the former guitarist of Genesis -- back when they were really good. On the solo album Hackett features not only Havens on the following tune (where there is a video for it) "How Can I" --

but also the great Steve Walsh on vocals on the tune "Narnia" with (no official video, just the audio, with someone's made up video):


Palmer said...

Havens is holding a cigarette - how funny. This video should be banned lest children get the wrong idea.

Won't Havens think of the children?!


Anonymous said...

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