Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can of Worms:

I opened a can of philosophical worms with the idea that infinite time, infinite rolls of the dice means human beings will eternally recur in an atheistic universe. Andrew Sullivan linked to it once and then revisited the issue today.

One of the most common criticisms is "we do not know if either space or time is in fact 'infinite'" as one of Sullivan's readers put it.

I agree with this and, personally, do NOT assume time is infinite on both ends. My atheist, astronomer, interlocutor does.

I've noticed philosophical atheists oft-make that claim in order to assert the universe's uncreated self existence. And I've also noticed theists (usually orthodox Christians), attempting to argue the philosophical necessity for God, note the universe, time itself, had a beginning and thus the universe must have had a first cause.

On a personal note, as I see it, if time is NOT in fact infinite in reverse -- if time/space/matter/energy began at the big bang -- then, that does necessitate a prime mover or first cause.

Otherwise, the atheist asks for a first miracle to get the ball rolling.

What caused the prime mover? I don't know. Perhaps the prime mover is self existent. Or perhaps a self existent unknowable deistic cause created lesser active personal gods, one of whom is our Jehovah who created us. That's what Ben Franklin believed at one point in his life and is (as far as I understand) what the Mormons believe.


Anonymous said...

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Lipstick said...

You have got a good point but i think neither of them are limited but the Earth may not exist till the end.

Anonymous said...

By definition, a prime mover would be uncaused.

The universe may undergo an infinite cycle of big bangs and big crunches. This is the cyclical model. It may be finite but exist within a multiverse.

Moreover, insisting that there must have been time before the Big Bang is like insisting that there must be a location north of the North Pole.