Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Am I a Potted Plant? Do I Qualify?

Probably not.

Paul Caron did a law prof. blog ranking. He listed the criteria:

These rankings cover only those blogs edited by law professors. Other law-related blogs edited by practitioners, librarians, non-law school academics, and journalists are not included on this list: e.g., Above the Law, How Appealing, Law Librarian Blog, Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

Well I do teach law at the community college level. I don't think that "counts" on Caron's list. But if it did, if you examine Positive Liberty's sitemeter, we'd be somewhere in the top 25-30.

We'd be about as important as Mirror of Justice, the Catholic law prof blog, that includes, among others, Robert P. George of Princeton, Rick Garnett of Notre Dame, Michael Perry of Emory, and Gregory Alexander of Cornell.

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