Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Part of Frazer's Response that World Didn't Print

World Magazine edited what is quoted below from Gregg Frazer's response to David Barton's book on Thomas Jefferson:
I find it curious on one hand and telling on the other that he refers to my arguments as “inconsequential.” It is curious because, since I wrote in response to the theme of a chapter of Barton’s book, that suggests that the subject of his own chapter is inconsequential. One cannot help but wonder why he wrote it.  
It is very telling that he characterizes the fact that he used several incorrect quotes and others out of context as “inconsequential.” He says that it is the goal of beating back “the secularist progressive movement” – the cultural battle – that is “important.” I agree with his goal, but I believe that methods matter and that we must stand upon facts if we want to have any credibility and to be worthy of anyone’s attention.

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