Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Volf's Controversial Comparison

Miroslav Volf is one of the most distinguished and well respected Christian thinkers in the world. I generally like what I've seen from him. I do, however, think his comparison we see below was overly dramatic.
[MV:]I think it is an attempt to assert Islam as a political religion as a unity of religion and government. Now that’s been a way religions have functioned throughout history–from Constantine until recently. America was founded by folks who thought like this.
RNS: America was founded by folks who thought like Islamist extremists?
MV: Like many Islamist extremists, yes. Which is to say, they believed God would bless this new experiment if we integrate our obedience to God’s laws and we ensure that this is indeed a city set on a hill.
[MV:]Think of John Winthrop, his theory of the role of the state and the laws against blasphemies, adulterers, and idolaters.
[MV:] I love America, but its first founders, like Muslim extremists, advocated killing for blasphemy, adultery, idolatry.
I also disagree that the Puritans were the "Founders" of America as opposed to the "Planters."


Jim51 said...

This guy claims our founders advocated "killing for blasphemy, adultery, idolatry." ??
In all of my time with the Founders I have never seen even one case of this. Can you name one? I can't.
I followed the link to the article and he didn't name one either.
I think its a preposterous claim.

Jonathan Rowe said...


He's talking about the Puritans, terming them "Founders."

They did have their Massachusetts Body of Liberties of 1641 which does have, on the books, the punishment of execution for the things he lists.