Thursday, March 10, 2016

Brayton, Rodda, and Boston

See here. A taste:
I [Ed Brayton] was thrilled to see ... Rob Boston did an interview with ... Chris Rodda ... available online.

[Boston:] Do you believe we’re making any headway ... ? If people are going to believe whatever they want regardless of the facts, why should we even continue?

Rodda: It does get very frustrating, and there have been many times when I’ve asked myself why I even bother ... What stops me from giving up are things like the occasional emails I get from Christian homeschooling parents who happen to stumble upon one of my articles or videos and write to me ... asking me to recommend a reputable history curriculum. So, there are those glimmers of hope. Plus, once you know that something like this is going on, you can’t just ignore it and do nothing, no matter how impossible it might seem to fight it.
 [Brayton:] I agree with this completely. It can be frustrating, just as it’s frustrating to continually see atheists sharing fake quotes and bad history. But I keep at it because it at least serves as a resource for others.

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