Friday, August 13, 2004

Brief Thoughts on McGreevey:

This story hits home in more ways than one. Right now I am living in Lumberton, NJ about a half hour outside of the capital of Trenton. I grew up in Yardley, PA (My folks still live there; I basically consider Yardley to be my permanent address). And I am leaving Lumberton and moving back to Yardley exclusively as of September. Yardley is right across the Delaware River from Trenton (literally 5 minutes away). And I teach at the county community college where Trenton is located; in fact I have taught in the inner city Trenton campus.

I had no idea. I guess it just goes to show that even though homosexuals have an equal right to marry members of the opposite sex—doing so is not necessary the best of ideas. Plenty of prominent homosexually oriented men have gotten married and sired children—Leonard Bernstein, Anthony Perkins, Bob Bauman, Cole Porter, Michael Huffington, just to name a few. And these marriages all have one thing in common: These gay husbands never give up the object of what they are primarily attracted to: Men.

On talk radio last night one host suggested that it’s perfectly understandable for a gay man to get married to a woman once—you know, trying to change, doing what society tells all men to do—but perhaps getting married a second time was morally wrong. Still, McGreevey, although he obviously has “issues” with Catholic doctrine, was raised as a devout Catholic. And we can never discount what the Church’s teachings might have done to his mind. I know firsthand that denial can do very odd things to one’s mind.

Obviously, my biggest problem is with what he did in appointing the man in question to an important post in NJ’s government in which this man obviously wasn’t qualified for. As someone working in NJ and struggling to eak out a living as a full time but adjunct college professor at three different colleges, I’d love to be making over $100,000 working for the state of NJ!

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