Monday, August 02, 2004

Labrador Marijuana and Wild Cat Coffee:

Remember in Up in Smoke when Cheech asked Chong, what kind of weed he had in that tremendous joint and Chong replied, “Labrador” because his dog ate his stash and he had to follow his dog around for a week to get it back…well, apparently, the best cappuccino in the world is produced by a similar method…but from a wild cat in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian beans, which sell for more than 250 pounds per pound, are craved by coffee fanatics around the world who will often pay more than R65 for a cup of the coffee they produce.Marcone travelled to Ethiopia to track down the beans where they are found in single lines of faeces in the wild.You're looking for a cappuccino. You could get a crappuccino," the University of Guelph professor said.He says they taste better because digestion breaks down protein, and protein makes the non-digested beans bitter.

“You mean we're drinkin’ cat shit, man?”


Kevin Jackson said...

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John said...

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Evan said...

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