Monday, September 13, 2004

Who knows whether the allegations are true:

If they are it could be another “televangelist scandal.” It is being alleged that Paul Crouch, president of Trinity Broadcast Network had a homosexual affair. There was a payout to a former employee. But in reading the facts involved—in all likelihood it could be a simple shakedown with no truth behind it (he was a disgrunted former employee. And while innocent parties generally don't pay strangers, sometimes employees that organizations are attempting to get rid of are paid to go away and not cause trouble...but then again...).

I formerly had this network on cable—what a laugh it was to tune in. They reinforced all of the clownish stereotypes of fundamentalist televangelists (this is Benny Hinn’s main stomping grounds).

And from what I understand, many very serious doctrinaire fundamentalists loathe TBN for what they see as heresy on that network.

And have you seen Paul Crouch’s wife, Jan Crouch? She makes Tammy Faye Bakker look like Margaret Thatcher.