Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Election:

Glad to see things are going nicely with the election in Iraq. I'm conflicted on the War -- and I think history ultimately will be the judge of this one -- but I think we need to keep two things in mind:

1) We are not the bad guys; the Islamofascists are the bad guys. The insurgents are the bad guys. They wouldn't purposefully target innocents and non-military targets -- something that they do and we do not -- and chop non-combatants (or even combatants) heads off if they were just.

2) We are trying to spread liberal democracy to illiberal lands, not to occupy or exploit and this is a noble goal. Liberal democracy is a superior system to Islamo-Sharia or corrupt dictatorships. The rights of the Declaration of Independence are not American per se; they are universally applicable.

The fact that we so nobly endeavored to pull this election off demonstrates our goal of attempting to transform Iraq into a modern liberal state, which if it could be done successfully, is better for Iraq and better for the world. Whether it successfully can be done and thus whether it was a wise move to attempt to do this remains to be seen.

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