Thursday, January 20, 2005


That Stan Lee, one of the guys who built Marvel Comics, is having a falling out with that company. The other guy that built Marvel, the late Jack Kirby, had a falling out with them (and Lee) nearly 30 years ago.

Unfortunately, most of these issues are about money (and the strange quirks in our copyright law that allows big-businesses to make deals with artists, where the artists create characters that make millions, but the corporations get the bulk of the profits -- WORK FOR HIRE!!!!).

The worst horror story was the way DC Comics made millions while the creators of Superman were languishing (DC eventually, but only as a result of bad publicity, gave the two men annual stipends of a modest amount of $). Stan Lee however, was making a cool One-Million a year even before the dispute (now a judge just ruled that he is entitled to a lot more).

Click on this story for to see how Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn got BURNED by NOT acting like the big bad guys and making sure that his company, Image, owned outright the copyright to every character appearing in its books.

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