Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Now this page will just keep you laughing for hours. Words can't describe the fond memories I have of growing up, watching Robert Tilton with my best friend. It all came to a climax when Tilton's empire came crashing down after an expose by Diane Sawyer and Prime Time Live. He aired this hilarious mea-culpa episode where he came out dressed in causal clothes, an ugly blue Izod jacket, and did his best to defend himself. It was really fun watching him go down. He ended that show by bringing out his wife Marte and telling her, "you are so sweet and obedient." Two years later, he divorced her. Then married a beauty queen and got divorced again amidst really amusing accusations. Now he's on his third wife.

He's still on the air in some places; however, he's jumped the shark. His initial downfall took out most of his fire in the belly that made him so amusing to watch.

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