Sunday, April 24, 2005

Stressful Week:

I won't be doing much blogging this week. I have a very important job-interview on Wednesday.

And then Thursday, not as important as Wednesday, but definitely something interesting. Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Law Professor, one of the leading experts in the Law & Technology field, and blogger, is going to speak at Philadelphia University, one of the colleges where I teach. My boss, the Director of the Instructional Design & Technology program in the School of Design and Media, was tapped to put on the event.

After the event, as is customary, we plan on going out to dinner with Lessig. And I will be one of about 10 people, including my boss and his boss (the head of the School of Design and Media) and Lessig, at the dinner.

Here is the kicker: the one course I teach for Phila U is called "Legal Issues Impacting the Educator," and is taught mainly to public school teachers seeking IT certification or a Masters Degree. It deals mainly with Law and Technology with a primary focus on Copyright issues. This is exactly Lessig's field. And I'm the only lawyer-professor in the program. Chances are, the only two lawyers/law professors at that dinner will be me and Lessig (a gnat and a giant). Gulp!


nacount said...

My brother's daughter wants to attend Philadelphia University.

is it a good school? I have never heard of it...

Jonathan said...

Very good school. Of course, I'm biased. A little pricey (it's a private school). Beautiful location (technically in "Philadelphia," but on the outskirts; but unlike Penn and Temple, it's in a very nice neighborhood). Excellent fashion school.