Sunday, July 23, 2006

Living Loud:

See this past post where I detailed who they are -- basically the band who wrote and performed Ozzy Osbourne's first (and best) two solo albums, minus Ozzy and Randy Rhoads. They got Steve Morse, one my favorites, to handle the guitar (Morse knew keyboardist Don Airey, because Airey replaced John Lord on keys for Deep Purple, and Morse replaced the legendary Ritchie Blackmore on guitar). Some singer named "Jimmy Barnes" handles the vocals for Living Loud. I have no idea who he is. But apparently, he's big in Australia.

Their version of I Don't Know has just been added to YouTube. Check it out:


Anonymous said...

Cool jam!

Jonathan Rowe said...

It is. I just got their CD now available in America (previously, it was only available in Australia). It rocks.