Monday, August 14, 2006

Bigoted Morons:

I thought about ignoring this because I didn't want to give the time of day to these morons.

The headline of this post is Survey: One-Third Homosexual Foster-Parents Sexually Abuse Children. On further examining the article we see that the author of the study is, who else?, gay-hating crank Paul Cameron, who has carved out a niche spreading lies in the form of statistics about gays.

But it gets even worse, whoever wrote the headline misunderstood Cameron's study, adding a further libel against gays. From their article:

A tally from Illinois and Minnesota (2003-2005) showed that a third of foster-parent molestations of foster-children were homosexual. Both states permit homosexual foster-parents.

According to the tally of 40 foster-parents, 12 foster mothers sexually abused their charges and 28 foster-fathers sexually abused their charges. Overall, 65 percent of foster-parent perpetrators engaged in heterosexuality and 35 percent in homosexuality with their charges.

Got it. The study simply showed that one-third of molestations of foster children were same-sex in their nature. It doesn't show that those who committed the molestations were "homosexual" as that term is commonly understood -- someone primarily or exclusively attracted to a same-sex adult, who probably identifies as "gay." But even if every single molestation were committed by a self-identified gay, the study still wouldn't demonstrate that One-Third Homosexual Foster-Parents Sexually Abuse Children, but rather that one-third of the molestations were committed by homosexuals. The difference is not trivial. Consider, somewhat over 50% of robbery arrests in this nation are of blacks. The headline writer's logic would then hold: Over 50% of blacks commit robberies.

What would we call someone who so easily fell pray to such an error? A bigot.

Update: I didn't email them, but the title now reads: Survey: One-Third of Foster-Parent Molestations Homosexual


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