Monday, August 21, 2006

A Guilty Laugh:

This isn't the type of thing I would say (at least not publicly); but, as someone who regularly monitors D. James Kennedy and is aware of the way he grins, I burst out laughing when I read this.

The context is Scienceblogger Kevin Beck responding to D. James Kennedy's attack on Darwinism, from Kennedy's Truths That Transform website, which claims:

Reclaiming Science from Darwinism (Part 2) "Do you believe that Darwinism is a failed theory? Then you need to start acting like it! And you can! Why? Because the evidence points to a young Earth and a Creator! Want to know why? You can, when you join Dr. D. James Kennedy and his guest, Dr. Ken Poppe, on Truths That Transform."

To which Beck responds:

I didn't listen to this or any of the other programs listed on the Truths that Transform site and I probably won't, given that I don't feel like running out and purchasing a new monitor after this one flies out the window and is smashed to pieces in the driveway two stories below. Kennedy, smiling paternally from two different graphics on his home page as if he's just corn-hogged his favorite feline or farm animal, knows full well that there is no evidence for a "young Earth."

I don't think you or I will ever be able to look at Kennedy's smile the same way again.


tin223 said...

It't a great blog! Somewhat informative and entertaining. I heard about that website with my brother and i didn't quite like his comments about it.

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