Friday, September 08, 2006

They Should Be Tarred and Feathered:

If we had to bring back tarring and feathering, this couple would be the perfect candidates. As I understand, tarring and feather itself, when used, was the prime punishment. My idea would be to use it as a supplementary punishment. Prison time for the sake of punishment was relatively novel during the Founding era and was supported by our founders, notably Ben Franklin, as an "Enlightened" penal reform. At common law, the penalty for all felonies was death; misdemeanors merited such things as tarring and feathering, the stockades, riding people out of town on a rail, whippings, etc.

Well this couple of subhuman leeches are out on bail awaiting trial and further charges. If folks like this can get bail, they should be tarred and feathered while they await trial.

The following clip (which I'm sure many of you have seen) is one of those things, like the Westboro Baptist Church, that is so bizarre that it becomes comedically entertaining.

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