Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This is Really Cool:

Neil Young and The Grateful Dead cover one of Bob Dylan's best songs, Forever Young.


Anonymous said...

Just a bit of context. This was the penultimate song of the encore of the Grateful Dead set (the last set) during the Laughter Love and Music benefit memorial for Bill Graham, at the Polo Field in Golden Gate park. It was a stunningly beautiful and warm November day in the City, with so much actual peace and love still being shared among the thousands attending. And by this point in the day, so many tears had flowed and so much sentiment and emotion expressed, that one would expect all to be drained, and yet, it was during this song that members of the band were in tears, making it harder for them to play. From Forever Young they went into Touch of Grey with its inspiring and forward looking line: "We will Survive". Graham's loss can still be felt in the biz.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for this. I had no idea that's from where the song was taken.