Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Real Michael Richards:

The inspiration for the Kramer character -- Kenny Kramer -- speaks out on the Michael Richards controversy. I found this part interesting:

The real Kramer, who initially lobbied to play himself on the program, subsequently met with Richards on several occasions. His insight after the actor's meltdown during a stand-up comedy appearance: Richards had little in common with his off-kilter "Seinfeld" persona.

"I know the guy," the real Kramer said of the faux Kramer. "He's not this outgoing ball of fun that people would expect Kramer to be. They think he's be exciting, lovable, laughable. But he's quiet, introspective, even paranoid. He's a very wound-up guy. But I don't think he's a racist."

If you remember, in season four, they parodied what actually happened to Jerry Seinfeld (and Larry David) -- NBC planned on making a show about Jerry's real life, with actors who would play his friends. And Kramer insisted on playing himself. Apparently, that happened in real life, and they wrote it into the episode.

But also remember the actor who actually got the part of Kramer. He wasn't some laid back kinda guy, but a real uptight, moody prick who threatened to beat the crap out of George, after he stole a box of raisins and George noticed. Maybe Larry and Jerry were hinting on the persona of the real Michael Richards.

Just a thought.

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