Monday, November 06, 2006

Sandefur on CNBC:

It's amazing what you can find on YouTube. Sandefur wipes the floor with this guy.

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Karen McL said...

I have to say the interviewer was a bit over the top...but I'm still slightly unclear on the exact details of this property *taking* position.

And as Tim nevah allows for comments (or almost never) I'll post this one here. [BTW aren't ya glad you did take that chance and enable comments that many moons ago? think of all the fab things that have come up in yer comment section...and the fab folks who have stopped by! *smile*]

So - here is my question: For instance...if it's true that this would allow someone to get compensated for a proposed business being denied (ie a pig farm) because the zoning was changed to denying them this property right (or *taking* from them) this FAB wealth creating biz many times does this work?

In other words, if the change resulted in a commercially zoned area being limited from industrial to light-commercial or from farming to commercial or residential...

...can I first sue for my inability to have a pig farm and get compensated...then sue again because I SAY I wanted to open a Automotive Vehicle body shop, and get compensated. Then sue saying I'm now being prevented from opening an Adult Bookstore and Toy Shop, and get compesated? And then continue on down the line until I've run out of not-permitted business venture I could possibly sue for? And do I acutually have to *intend* to open these business? Do need to Invest any money in them...or can I merely claim I'm being prevented from considering opening one - and therefore insist I'm having my Property rights being *taken* from me and get the compensation?