Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's a Good Thing I am not Broadcasting the Superbowl:

The prankster in me wouldn't be able to help but refer to Chicago's coach as "Lovie Howell." And then he would do to me what Jim Everett did to Jim Rome.


Leo said...

Wow, I forgot about that one. I am sure that Romie thanks him everyday for the notoriety that Everette's little temper tantrum gave him, Rome.

Strange that no prankster has tried the Lovie Howell thing to gain his/her 15 minutes of fame. After all no pain no gain.

I presume that Lovie Smith is more secure in himself than Chris, I mean Jim, Everett was. Actually I recall Chris Evret was a rather tough though feminine tennis player. I have a hard time calling anyone woman that can bear children weak. - OUT!

Jonathan said...