Thursday, February 22, 2007

Reactions to Natural Rights and Fusionism Topic:

Thanks to Julian Sanchez for linking to my post on Locke and Natural Rights. Sanchez's post seeks to answer every other point that Feser made in his article, while he "outsources" the point on Locke to me.

Feser replied to my post in the comments here, to which I replied here.

Finally, Sandefur has a great take on Locke and liberty. I agree with the overall point that he makes which I take to be that what Locke was arguing in 1689 context is different than where libertarians have taken his ideas. And I think he would agree with me, contra Feser, that there is no inherent problem with how libertarians -- indeed our Founders themselves -- have tweaked/built upon Locke's ideas to allow man more liberty to do things which Locke himself would not agree with.

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Tom Van Dyke said...

Sort of a "living Locke," then.