Saturday, March 03, 2007

Recent Webcam Pic:


karenmcl said...

I've Been Soooooooooo swamped - but this reminded of your pic of You & Louie the Dawg. I was wondering how he was adjusting to your new pack.

BTW - I've been catching several episodes of Cesar Millan - the Dog Whisperer -- who has great tricks and techniques for dealing with high stung poochies (and their owners).

Hope Louie is doing great!

(and I had a comment I tried to post get eaten yesterday...have you updated to the new Blogger?)

Jonathan said...

Louie is doing great, but still wild. We have a fence outside which is good because he needs to run around. My parents said he'd be happier on a farm somewhere.

The other day he refused to come inside the house when it was 20 degrees and snowing outside and I had to go to work. He's too fast for me. I couldn't catch him and he was just running circles around me.

I had to leave him out (in our fenced-in area) for 5 hours in those weather conditions. I was afraid he'd get frostbite; but Eskimo dogs are bred for the cold weather (and to run). And the Bordie Collie in him needs to be active.

The next thing we are going to get for him is a doghouse.