Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Excerpt of PBS Wall of Separation:

Though I don't entirely agree with its perspective, I see nothing outrageous or even objectionable about the following excerpt taken from the producers' website. So far, it features Daniel Dreisbach and James H. Hutson, who are among the respectable scholars to go to for the "lowering the wall of separation" perspective (were I producing the special, others I might choose for that perspective might include Phillip Muñoz, Philip Hamburger, Gerard Bradley, and Rick Garnett).

Obviously, because I haven't seen the entire thing, I can't make a judgment. The minute they pull out hacks like David Barton or William Federer, or God-forbid actual Reconstructionists, then there will be something to decry. (And who knows? They may. Coral Ridge's specials typically include a few respectable scholars among a group of hacks.)

But so far, all I see is a scholarly documentary which tilts to the right. And God knows PBS has tons of such programs which tilt to the left.

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Paul Dubuc said...

I agree. I saw the video and I think it has a lot of merit. I would have liked to see A. James Reichley in it. His Religion in American Public Life and The Values Connection are great books on the subject.