Friday, July 20, 2007

Roy Masters on YouTube:

Roy Masters is sort of like a Marianne Williamson for the John Birch Society. I've blogged about him here and a surprisingly high number of people have read that post through search engines. I used to listen to him for entertainment when I had nothing better to do. And then I found out he was connected to the WorldNutDaily.

On the surface, he sounds like an evangelical Christian (he shares their religious right politics), but theologically, he's the furthest thing. He's more like Deepak Chopra in Pat Robertson clothes.

Even though most folks have never heard of him, he does have some notable followers (or at least, folks who have expressed interest in his teachings) including the late John Wayne, Matt Drudge, Michael Savage, Jesse Lee Peterson, Bob Just and David Kupelian.

I wrongly assumed Michael Glatze tried to become ex-gay through Masters. And that's because in his article he names David Kupelian as an almost spiritual mentor and uses language like "Christ self" which orthodox Christians do not use (check out the google results and see if any orthodox Christian sites use the term "Christ self"; they are all New Age) and which I've heard come out of Masters' mouth. Glatze confirmed to Warren Thockmorton that he was not a follower of Masters, but did get baptised by the Mormons. My thoughts on the Roy Masters-like language in his article is, quite simply, dealing with copy editors, I know they often change your words before publishing your articles. Given Kupelian is one of the top editors for WorldNetDaily, the words were probably his. (Do Mormons use terms like that? I didn't see any Mormon sites come up.)

Anyway here is Masters giving one of his seminars. Usually he only superficially cites the Bible. And here, he cites the Gospel of Thomas, not part of the Bible at all. The subject is about how in order to be saved you must no longer sin. Masters claims that while no one except Jesus (whom he doesn't believe to be God) is "without sin" man must no longer sin in order to saved. And Masters claims to no longer sin.

If there are any David Kupelian/Marketing of Evil fans out there reading this, he is not a Christian but follows this man's teachings which evangelicals and Catholics generally regard as a heretical and cultic.

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