Sunday, August 19, 2007

Future Prospects For Dominionism:

I take a moderate view on Dominionism. One the one hand there is the view of ordinary religious conservatives like Clayton Cramer who argue all warnings of such are paranoia:

If all the "dominionist Christians" in the United States got together and organized a coup d'etat, there wouldn't be enough of them to take over Horseshoe Bend. I'm pretty sure that I've never met one. The only place that I have ever seen a "dominionist Christian" is being interviewed on some Bill Moyers documentary.

Then there are folks like Bill Moyers and Michelle Goldberg who argue that, if we don't keep our guard up, we are on the verge of a Dominionist theocracy.

My opinion is that more Dominionists exist than for what Cramer et al. give credit. They do have strong influence in religious right and Republican circles; yet, that's all they are, one of many competing political interests, who are often disappointed by conservative Republicans in general, and GW Bush in particular. D. James Kennedy's Reclaiming America group and David Barton are probably the biggest influences in Domionism which have a Republican connection. Here is Kennedy at one of his conferences explaining his Dominionist agenda:

As I've noted many times on my blogs, I think Barton and Kennedy are sadly mistaken on the history of America; they have nothing to reclaim because they didn't "own" its Founding from 1776-1787. And further, I think religious passions in politics can be a dangerous thing, and as such I want to see them quelled.

Yet, Kennedy's Reclaiming America group has closed its doors. And that makes me happy.

In short, they exist; those who are wary of the Christian Nationalist agenda are right to stay concerned. Yet, let's not overestimate their threat. In politics, they are not exactly on the winning side of most of the issues about which they are concerned. And the future prospects for Dominionism seem presently, at best, dim.

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