Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Progressive Rock Tuesday Night:

First Rick Wakeman, keyboardist of Yes fame, shredding:

Next since one of Andrew Sullivan's guest bloggers featured Genesis' Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and noted Steve Hackett's excellent guitar play, I thought I'd feature it here:

Speaking of Hackett, he had a solo album entitled Please Don't Touch which featured a progressive pop-rock song entitled Narnia, which had Kansas' Steve Walsh (whom Hackett once said possessed "the perfect white rock voice") on vocals. Unfortunately Walsh isn't singing it on the following YouTube clip.

But here is Walsh and the rest of Kansas doing Point of Know Return. This was a prog-pop-rock tune that was a minor hit. Their other two big ones were written by Kerry Livgren (who wrote most of their material). This hit was Walsh's.

Walsh's voice has lost some tone and range and that disappoints a lot of folks who come to see Kansas. Though he still sings better than most. This is what he sounded like when I saw them on July 4 of this year -- from that very concert. Their violin player David Ragsdale, not the original, absolutely shreds. They are worth seeing for Ragsdale alone.

Finally, what would a libertarian prog-rock website be without Rush. From 2112.

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