Sunday, September 02, 2007

Do NOT Watch this Video:

Unless you plan on learning something about the music. Probably to comply with Fair Use (which favors educational uses), the person who uploaded this video by Steve Morse admonished: "This video is posted for educational purposes only. Anyone who views must attempt to learn something about music."

Night Makes Light by the Steve Morse Band.

Steve Morse made two albums in the 80s with Kansas. Not bad albums, but as I've noted, record execs pushed them for commercial hits and they dropped the violin and the result wasn't nearly the musical accomplishment that could have been, considering the talent. But the following tune from Power, Silhouettes In Disguise features some incredible guitar work by Morse. (Those lines could really use a violin shredding in unison and harmony.)

And if you didn't think Morse was one of the coolest guitarists in the world, check out this video.

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