Saturday, August 09, 2008

Nixon -- Great Foil For Jokes:

Today is August 9 and my Dad tells me it has some special anniversary for the Nixon Presidency. My Dad -- an old New Deal/Great Society Democrat -- disdained Nixon. We kids, my two brothers and I, objected to a "Mother's Day," a "Father's Day," but no "Kid's Day," so we created one. And my Dad choose August 8th or 9th, I can't remember, because of the Nixon anniversary.

Me -- I object to the Nixon Presidency chiefly for how he meddled with free market economics and I think he makes a great foil for jokes and imitations like Howard Stern's [Fred Norris does a great impression], The Simpson's and Dan Aykroyd's.

Since I've blogged about The Bohemian Grove conspiracy nonsense before, what follows is a funny clip from the Nixon tapes talking about San Fransisco, the Bohemian Grove, and Nixon's distaste for the "god damned faggy" environments of such.

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