Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kansas DVD breaks the billboard charts at #5. I've been following their career for a long time; there's been a noticeable increase in their popularity since Guitar Hero. There's no doubt Guitar Hero had a big spillover affect on their increased population at concerts and popularity.

The DVD is great (as was their concert I saw a few weeks ago with the Trenton Symphony Orchestra). Their prog rock genre lends itself to the orchestration. Their current violinist David Ragsdale is a phenom and truly shines with the orchestral backing. Steve Morse, who recorded two albums with them, makes a guest return (their performance of "Musicatto" is about as good as prog rock gets) as does original writer Kerry Livgren. And on the bonus track, you see Kansas jamming on one of their tunes with BOTH Morse AND Livgren.

Buy it, among other places, here.

Preview Steve Morse with Kansas playing Musicatto before YouTube takes it down:

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