Sunday, February 28, 2010

Does This Site Qualify as Bigotry? Should I Feel Guilty About Laughing at Its Jokes?

The Westboro Baptist Church are for real. As bad as they make conservative Christians (almost all of whom want nothing to do with them) look, they are for real (and they protest at funerals) and hence merit being discussed.

But this site -- as far as I understand -- is not real, but a parody.

I admit, at first read, I found much of what I read funny (like I do Fred Phelps). But if it's not real, is it ethical to poke fun or is it like a minstrel show for evangelicals?

This is what I'm talking about:

Yesterday my wife was cooking dinner as usual. When the dinner was ready I went to call my younger son but when I opened the door he sat naked on his bed masturbating over a pornographic magazine! Of course I gave him a hard beating and made him pray to the LORD until bedtime. Me and my wife are in shock, I have beaten my sons all their lives but sometimes they don't seem to understand the will of God. I am very concerned about this and I simply don't know what to do. I have always given them a daily spanking before bedtime but I feel like they need more beatings so they can seriously feel God's anger. Should I beat them more often or is there a better way to make them understand?

With the answer:

As it stands, he is on his way to an eternity of searing pain being burned in hell. Do whatever you think it takes to get that sin out. No beating you can do will be as bad as what God has in store for kids who don't get the devil off their privates.

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