Thursday, February 25, 2010

Positive Liberty:

In case anyone is interested, one of my group blogs, Positive Liberty, has, of late been going through technical problems. The site's founder, my friend Dr. Jason Kuznicki has given up, lest he pull all of his hair out and become bald like me, and joined this very estimable other group blog.

Check that link for more information. If you go to the site Positive Liberty, some squatter now resides there.

The good news is the rest of us libertarians (or is it "we" libertarians; I think this is a place where both "us" and "we" work within the prescriptive grammatical rules) who blog there plan to stick together.

We just aren't yet sure whether we will continue to use the name "Positive Liberty" because our URL has been hijacked.

I'll keep you posted.


Update: We are back for now. We will probably go through significant future changes. Again, I'll keep you posted.


Murali said...

Where would you be moving to. If you all want to stick together you could use my Blog. We can change the name of the Blog, but the URL is still I've taken a hiatus on churning out blogposts on my own blog "A Singaporean Renaissance". I could send an invite to all your g-mail accounts. (Of course the URL is problematic but if you guys are willing I would definitely be pleased to have you guys use it. I miss you guys.)

Jonathan Rowe said...

Many thanks for the offer.

I'll keep you posted. We won't be out for very long.