Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is the God of the Bible a Heptagon?

According to Sola Scriptura, arguably so. This brings to mind John Adams' quote mocking the Trinity that according to such logic, God could be a Quaternity with the Virgin Mary the 4th Person in the Godhead.

There is a Sola Scripturaist named Monica Dennington who argues, according to the Bible, God is not Triune because the Bible mentions more than just three Persons in the Godhead, but Seven. And she indeed does have verse and chapter justification for her claim -- The "seven spirits of God" written in Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; and 5:6.

She also mentions that God the Father had sex with the Holy Spirit to produce the Son. Therefore, unless we conclude God is a homosexual, the Holy Spirit must be female.

Every single claim she makes can be justified by citations to Scripture. I see no evidence she doesn't really believe in her claims. And though not (apparently) "brilliant" -- probably not as smart as John MacArthur or distinguished reformed theologians who occupy notable academic positions, she doesn't seem stupid. In fact if given an IQ test, I'd be she'd test significantly higher than a typical church member of MacArthur's Church, or the Roman Catholic Church or most churches.

The point of this is it supports my conclusions that Sola Scriptura without a top down interpretive authority is schizophrenic. Another way of saying this is I reject as utterly preposterous the notion that "any idiot" can just open the Bible and read it and see the traditional orthodox notions like original sin, Trinity, or whatever. No if you give any idiot or even any person with an above average IQ the Bible and have them open and read it, you can as easily get "Rev. Dennington's" understanding of Scripture as Calvin's or Wesley's or the Roman Catholic Church's.

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