Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where I was on 9-11-01:

I was a 28 year old newly minted LL.M. in transnational law (along with my JD/MBA) teaching full time hours as an adjunct college professor and looking for a full time job in academia (which would come a few years later at the same college for which I was teaching).

I was living in Mt. Holly, New Jersey, driving the same car I do today. Mt. Holly was a livable, affordable place, near a number of New Jersey military bases. The apartment complex I lived in disproportionately was occupied by military folks. And it was quite diverse, though in a heavily blue collar way.

I'd imagine many of my neighbors there headed to the Middle East shortly thereafter. Not very often, but on occasion I'd head to a few of the local bars where they were an inevitable presence. I remember one day chatting with a division a few weeks before they were shipped off.

I had a 10:30-11:45am class. I had gotten into the car around 9:40am without having turned the TV on. I still teach that same class -- Business Law I, often in the same time slot (but not this semester).

As part of my routine, I turned on the Howard Stern Show -- back then when it was broadcast on terrestrial radio, 94WYSP in Philadelphia. I flipped the channels to make sure it wasn't a joke and then flipped back to Stern to hear his coverage.

When the first building came down, I just turned the radio off and headed to school.

This is what I listened to:

Everyone was talking about it at the college, of course. They didn't cancel the class I had to teach; but they canceled classes when that class was over.

I did manage to get through the lecture.

I drove home and was with my family in our old house at Yardley (Lower Makefield), PA which we subsequently sold. We found out a number of residents of our town died on the attacks including one of the pilots.

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